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We use state of the art Laser Diode Technology rather than less effective IPL Laser hair removal.

Who can be treated with Laser?

Most men and women over the age of 18 years old are suitable for treatment. Best results are often achieved with clients who have fair skin and thick, dark hair. Fair hair however, contains less melanin and is harder to treat. Grey/White hair has no melanin so is not suitable for treatment.laser-diode-hair-removal-legs

How do I prepare for Laser treatment?

Clients should avoid tanning (sun, sun bed or self-tan) 1 month ahead of and during the entire treatment to avoid excessive discomfort due to extra light absorption in the epidermis. Immediately after the treatment the skin will be particularly sensitive to UV light and so strong sunlight should be avoided for 14 days. Sun block of spf 30 + should be worn after the treatment.

The client’s hairs should be clean shaven before their treatment. If the hair is usually shaved the client can shave right up to the day of treatment. However plucking, threading, waxing and bleaching should be avoided throughout the treatment period in order to make sure as many follicles as possible contain a hair so they can be destroyed by the treatment.

Tanning (sun, sun bed or self-tanning products) should be also avoided throughout the treatment period because the tan will absorb more of the light making the treatment less effective.

How does the treatment feel?

The client can choose whether to feel the pulse (which feels like a rubber band being snapped against the skin) or to use the brand new feature of the laser which is a freeze device. This technology will minimize the pain of the pulse by cooling the skin. Typically no anaesthetic is required and most clients describe the discomfort as mild and tolerable. It is generally considered to be less painful than waxing.

How long does Laser treatment take?

A facial treatment will usually take up to 10 minutes, whereas both legs or an entire back can take approximately 45mins to 1 hour.

What will I see after the treatment?

The hair follicles are damaged by heat but the hair bulbs remain in the follicles. The dead hairs will shed after 1-3 weeks as the epidermis renews. During this period the hairs will seem to ‘grow’ as they are pushed out by the new epidermis but then rub away from the skin. This will be followed by a hair free period of several weeks before the hairs in the next hair growth phase start to grow through again. By this time, you will be ready for the next treatment.
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Are there any side effects?

The skin may be red immediately after treatment and the hair follicle may be swollen and bumpy but this usually subsides within a few hours. Adverse reactions are rare but may include a small blister or temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. We will carry out a test patch at least 24 hours prior to your first session to ensure the correct energy level has been chosen for your skin and hair type.

How many Laser treatments are necessary?

Only hair in the growth phase can be treated. The number of hairs in this phase varies from 10% to 70% depending on the body area. The length of a growth cycle also varies on each area. Treatment is carried out every 4-8 weeks, depending on the area treated, until the desired result is achieved. The required number of treatments varies but typically 6 or more treatments are needed for optimum results with maintenance sessions as required this is sufficient to remove virtually (95%) all facial hairs. After the first treatment most patients get a significant reduction in hair density and also new grown hairs tend to become finer. It is important to know that the first treatment is believed to synchronise the anagen (growth) phase of the non-anagen hairs. This may cause what seems to be re-growth but which is actually just the sleeping hairs starting to grow at the same time (new growth). This in turn makes the next treatment more effective.

Is it Permanent?

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The lasers can damage the follicle that are growing, but they can’t stop hormones producing more hair. Depending on the skin colour between 3 and 10 treatments will be needed, if the hair growth is due to hormones regular top ups will be needed may be every 3 to 6 months.




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